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 Performing home inspections in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Feel the advantage in understanding the home you are looking at, buying, selling, building, or investing in. We are there for you with a top quality personalized home inspection performed by Homeowners Edge. We Support our clients, in making informed decisions when buying, selling, and building their homes by providing our knowledge, experience, honesty, and caring. Our services are for home buyers, home sellers, home builders, real estate investors and other professionals. We offer our clients personalized treatment and will check your specific areas of concern on top of our regular report, most at no extra cost. We have a variety of home inspection packages to suit your needs and additional inspections available for specific challenges. We are backed by InterNACHI $10,000.00 Honour Guarantee. We will supply you with a personalized, comprehensive, written home inspection report and we can sit down with you and talk about your home. If you have questions about your report- even after we leave- just call us: We will be there for you.

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Our home inspectors are well educated in home construction, building science, and have backgrounds in construction-related fields before joining our team – giving them a competitive advantage against other inspectors and inspection companies for we can perform a thorough and complete inspection. The trust that our customers place in our home inspector's knowledge and inspection abilities is something that we value highly. Every home inspection is performed by a knowledgeable and informative- impartial and upfront, personable and efficient- home inspector. Customer questions and participation is highly encouraged, so that the homeowner and home buyer can get peace of mind about the true condition of their home. We will sit down with you to go over your home report.

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 We have been providing professional, personalized home inspections that help you, our client, make a well-informed, confident decision about your home with our knowledgeable and friendly manner in the Edmonton and surrounding areas. Some home inspection companies pride themselves on being fast- we pride ourselves on being there for our customer. Home inspections on row homes, older homes, and new homes may have different areas of expertise when being inspected. Our customers trust us because of the extensive knowledge and experience we bring to every inspection. Using our quality home inspectors will bring you respect and confidence in your decision as an informed home buyer, home seller, or real estate investor. It is all about our customers, our home inspectors work hard to bring our customer the respect and information they deserve in their decisions whether they are buying, selling, or guiding their own customers. Our home inspectors have a background in construction-related fields, performing construction inspections, and building inspection services  before joining our company which gives us a competitive advantage contrary to some other inspectors for they have not performed construction inspections. They performed inspections on homes before the framing and rough in were covered up with siding, dry wall, or shingles, allowing them to have the understanding and insight to perform a thorough and complete home inspection. The trust that you, our customers, place in our home inspector's knowledge and inspection abilities is something that we value highly. Every home inspection is performed by a professional who is qualified, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. Customer questions and participation is highly encouraged, so that the homeowner and home buyer can get peace of mind about the true condition of their home. Feel the advantage. We are there for you.

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Every homeowner needs to know the condition of their home: when you buy, sell, or invest in a home you should have an independent, impartial home inspector look at the maintenance, repairs, and safety concerns that need to be addressed. When you are buying, selling, or investing in your home all kinds of people are telling you what you should do: This industry is full of people that are looking out just for themselves, so homeowners need someone on their side. Whether buying or selling your home you need to know the condition of your home to make sure that no one is telling you that your home is worth or not worth every penny you put into it. We don’t care how much your home is worth, we want you to feel confident in what you know about the house. Whether your home is old or new, big or small it is going to need maintenance. You need to know what maintenance is needed to be done now and what can wait: What is functioning and what is not? What is recently maintained or nearing the end of its life cycle? Most importantly, what is safe and what is not? At Homeowners Edge Home Inspections Ltd., we give you the most comprehensive inspection we can, and if needed, we can sit down with you to talk about any up keep or defects that we find. We don’t do the work on the homes- we perform domestic building inspections so we don’t make money on any of the maintenance, defects, and safety concerns we discover with our inspections. We just make the recommendations on the issues we find so that you have the knowledge and awareness to make those decisions. It is up to you to do them now, later, or save up for them.
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