Community Service

Stopping the Scammers!

Helping our seniors and vulnerable persons!

Homeowners Edge is a proud member of the Edmonton and Area community. If you are- or know of- a senior or vulnerable person on a limited income that is facing a sales person or inspector saying that they need expensive repairs- like a new roof, driveway, or furnace replacement- please contact us for a free scammer check. We truly want to stop the scammers that are preying on the vulnerable. We will come out to look at the suggested repair, give our honest opinion, and help them get three reputable estimates if the work truly does need to be done. If necessary, we will set up a Gofundme page to help them to raise the money for the repairs.

Thank you,

Mr. Harry Gavacs

President of Homeowners Edge Home Inspections Ltd.

Sop the scammers
Helping our seniors and vulnerable persons

Stop the Scammers